Friday, May 17, 2013

GOODBYE (sort of, for now)

For well over half a century I have thrown myself, body and soul, into social and political work, including the struggle for my country’s independence, creation of Pakistan, organizing and unionizing workers and prostitutes, seeking justice for the exploited, the voiceless, the tyrannized, exposing government ministers, international smugglers, slum landlords, corrupt judges and police officers, and, preaching non-violence and the rule of law.

In the process I have completely neglected my personal affairs and not paid much attention to building up and maintaining family relationships. The result is that I now find myself rather alone and my personal affairs in shambles! Much work has to be done to tie up loose ends, bring some sort of order in my life and try to reconnect with family.

I came face to face with death at an early age when my mother passed away with me barley ten years old. Since then I lost my father two years later and, later my first born, my brother and recently my elder sister.

I have always known that our life in this world is fleeting and death can come quite unexpectedly at any moment. My mortality has stared at me for years.  So far I have ignored it. The recent death of my elder sister has brought home to me forcefully that my own death is not far away.

The need to tie up all loose ends and reconnect with family is pressing. Besides, I am really tired and need to rejuvenate myself.

 And so, most reluctantly and with a heavy heart, I am suspending indefinitely my participation in activism of any sort as also in any dialogue on Face Book.

I am indebted to my family, my real life friends, my Face Book and internet friends and all my activist friends and I thank them from the bottom of my heart for all the support, help and friendship extended by them to me.

If and when all that has to be attended to is done, God willing, I will return.

Till then, to all of you, a heangrtfelt GOODBYE (sort of, for now)

Note: Please note that starting May 27, I will NOT be visiting Face Book. I request my family and friends to e-mail me if there is anything I need to know or if there is any message they want to convey to me.







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