Saturday, August 8, 2015

Sandra's death needs to be avenged.

I just can’t get the Sandra Bland case out of my mind.

I am not an Afro-American, nor a female nor a Christian. Just a human being with strong feelings for the helpless and victimized and against injustice, exploitation and oppression, be it by the Taliban in Afghanistan or Sisi in Egypt or Netanyahu in Israel or a cop in America.

Sandra Bland, a promising young activist, should never have been arrested. After an unwarranted arrest, she should never have been held in a police cell but allowed to go home on a promise of showing up in court. After being placed in a cell, she should have been placed on suicide watch, constantly monitored and the plastic bag in her cell removed.

Suicide or not, the actions of the arrogant, egoistical, power drunk cop who arrested her, and the subsequent actions or lack thereof at the police station and holding cell are responsible for Sandra Bland’s death.

Unless a full investigation of the whole matter is undertaken by an independent authority and severe action to the fullest extent possible is taken against the concerned officer and Sandra Bland’s family is paid an appropriate amount by way of retribution, and unless steps are taken to control the out of control, arrogant, trigger happy cops, people will lose confidence in the police, and the existing respectful attitude towards law enforcement officers will be replaced by suspicion, distrust and rebellious attitude. Worse, more and more will feel compelled to arm themselves against the aggressions of the police. The perception that those in power are attempting to subjugate the people through the police will spread

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