Tuesday, July 14, 2009


he blatant horror
Of our War on Terror!

Behold the face:
What’s left to efface?

A child of innocence
Woken by the impudence
Of political vengeance
And self-righteous insolence!

There’s scope
On the Afghan slope
For dope!

There’s crude
In the oil wells
Of corporatism!

There’s wealth
In the stealth
Of evil!

There’s peril
In the anvil
Of imperialism!

Maker of the Universe:
Where’s the prism
To the converse?

The menacing power
Of our War on Terror!

Behold the face
Pleading grace!

A child of humanity
Petrified by our insanity
To displace human ease
With nuclear disease!
-Dom Martin

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