Thursday, July 16, 2009

GAZA: The Face of Reality

Open Letter to President Barak Obama

Mr. President, there comes a moment in the realization of reality when that which we had all along perceived and patronized as righteous, itself metamorphosizes into an incendiary kiln, tempering bricks of condemnation that progressively mount and eventually imprison us with corporal guilt.

Mr. President, the devastating siege on 1.5 million inhabitants of Gaza is one such reality, brought hauntingly home in the petrified face of this Palestinian child. Her tearful glare is a glaring indictment of our inhumanity towards our fellowbeings.

Mr. President, if this was your daughter’s plight, you would have commandeered every human effort and resolve — even if it meant altering the earth's axis — in order to armor innocence from dehumanization and collective decollation.

Mr. President, it is not necessary to go that far or exert as much. The siege on Gaza can be lifted by simply picking the phone and giving freedom its democracy in the ark of human conscientiousness!

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