Wednesday, April 21, 2010


by: Nahida Izzat

Palestine, from before UN’s Partition plan (pic 1) to now. Green shows land
Available to Palestinians; White in pic.2 shows land allotted to Israel by UN

Settlers march --somoud

Chabad with Israeli terrorist army

Arms Fair

Armed Settlers

Zionists occupiers… Heed my call

Like most people, I do believe in dialogue and civilized coexistence; like most people I long to live in dignity and freedom in my homeland; like most people I yearn for peace and justice for every human; like most people I like to foster loving and trusting relationships with all decent individuals.

However, our problem with the Zionist occupiers is not about hate and distrust as they like to believe; it’s not about security as they constantly declare; nor is it about dialogue or lack of it thereof!our problem with them is not confined to the many aspects of their occupation, human right abuses, checkpoints, walls, collective punishment and assassinations.

The origin of our problem is as profound as a the roots of a fig tree, buried deep and covered up with piles of dishonesty and deceit; its fruits has the pungent taste of supremacy, arrogance, racism, dehumanization, theft, and war crimes, and no amount of fig tree leaves could conceal or beautify. So, to unearth the core of the problem and spell the truth-out loud and clear, I am going to direct my words towards the Zionists of all shades and affiliations. Furthermore, I am going to be to honest and blunt here, as the catastrophic situation that they have created does not stomach glossing over any longer.

Zionist occupiers:

I must warn you that what I am going to say is not going to be very pleasant. It will taste as bitter as the chilling years of your occupation, as cold as the barren roots of our uprooted olive trees, and as sour as the dry lips of dying babies at your military checkpoints.My words will be parched, choking and hard to swallow; it will be as rigid and impervious as the cement of your apartheid wall. My words will smell of tear gas and burning flesh of infants while cuddled in their mothers’ arms after an air raid. My words will be burning hot like a bullet penetrating the head of a little boy as he picked a stone to throw at his oppressors.

My words will be sizzling with blazing fire like the one ton bomb dropped from afar at a neighbourhood of sleeping women and children. My words will be gushing, causing excruciating pain and discomfort, because they stem from the depth of my wounded, distressed and agonised soul that was tormented by your people for the entirety of my existence.

So, Zionist occupiers, heed my words:

Our problem with you is not a “conflict” between two warring parties, who are similarly wrong and equally guilty, as you shamelessly often describe… NO… NO… NO. The problem is one of aggression, oppression, colonization, theft, and occupation on your side, and one of being oppressed, exploited, and occupied on our side.It’s one is of a crime of theft of a whole country and the ethnic cleansing of a whole nation by your people on the one hand and a displaced and dominated population on the other. It’s one of a CRIMINAL THIEF and a DISPOSSESSED VICTIM.

To equate the two is nothing but an act of deception and a manifestation of moral bankruptcy.

A whole lot of your people came from all over the world, stole our homeland, dispossessed and expelled us, took over our homes and farms, destroyed our villages and history, occupied our country, oppressed those who stayed behind, killed and maimed who dared to demand their rights or attempted to assert their humanity, demonized and subjugated us to a racist, bigoted and ruthless set of laws that don’t apply to yourselves; then you come with chilling cold-heartedness and assert that both parties are equally guilty!!

Which planet are you living on?
By what principles do you abide?
What ethics do you follow?
Have you ever questioned the morality of your actions as multinationals who gave themselves the liberty to come to our homeland -which I am denied the right to live in- take it over by violence and bloodshed, then settle there on the ruins of the villages you’ve annihilated, dwelling in the homes of some dispossessed Palestinians, for no other justifications than the dominance of your Jewishness and the fact that we are not Jews?

Does that not smell of rotten racism, arrogance and supremacy to your clogged-up conscience?
The only crime that our people committed is that they existed on the land of their ancestors which you proclaimed as a God given-right to Jews only.
Your people have destroyed our culture, denied our existence as human beings, treated us for four generation with sheer cruelty, ruthlessness and contempt, and subjugated us to inconceivable savagery and humiliation, and denied us even the right to defend ourselves on our stolen Palestine under the pretext of “terrorism”.

On top of all that your people have lied and lied, until they believed their own lies. You managed to brainwash yourselves with packs of cover-ups and masks of reality until truth became so blurred and obscured that most of your people refuse even to acknowledge their own crime of theft of a whole country and disposition of a whole nation.

You stole the land of our ancestors and forefathers under the claim that some few thousands years back in history, some people who followed your religion had lived there, and, apparently secured a contract with God, affirming the eternal ownership of this land.

How dare you give yourselves these abhorrent privileges of taking over someone’s home and homeland just because you belong to a particular faith?

What does an American Jew, a Russian Jew, an African Jew, a Japanese Jew, an Indian Jew or a German Jew have anything to do with the Land of Palestine?

If you think we are some kind of brainless retarded human beings who lack your “intelligence”, “emotions” and “morality” and who would just disregard what happened to them sixty years ago, and who would be happy to live as your inferiors in their own homeland, you better think again.

We are sick and tired of witnessing your crimes for decades on end. We are sick and tired of your deception, false claims and the pretence of innocence and victim-hood. We are sick and tired of your orchestrated peace processes and leading-no-where road-maps.

What is needed at this stage is not dialogue and reconciliation. What is most urgently needed is to STOP ALL your incessant ugly racism, supremacy, aggression and assault, to put a halt to your crimes, and to take a serious look in the mirror as a whole “population” and see what monsters you have become!

You need to address within your immoral and utterly sick society the obscene injustices you’ve inflected upon us. You need to deal with the hideous, corrupt, aggressive, militarized and wicked society that you have become.

Before worrying about hate and distrust that engulfs you, you aught to be worrying about the crimes of your people and the injustices they have committed -and still committing- and how to facilitate for justice to run its course, and how to restore back the rights of millions that you have violated.
That requires an inner reflection of you as a whole people, it requires an honest and sincere look within yourselves, serious questioning of the “history” that you were taught, a bursting of the bubble that you are living in; it requires that you stop all your acts of aggression, theft of land, humiliation, murder, and destruction of our community, and, above all, it requires that you step down from the high ground that you placed yourselves on, and be prepared to GIVE UP ALL the privileges that you have bestowed upon yourselves by the “virtue” of your Jewishness!

It also requires restoring our rights back, including the right of return of all refugees, AND the compensation to ALL those who suffered from your Frankenstein creation of the racist Zionist entity.

To those blood-soaked criminals who come frothing with fake words of peace but get incensed and infuriated when they hear the word justice, I would say:

Masters of lies and dishonesty

I would like to see you talking to the Nazis who abused you, without asking them to acknowledge their crimes.

I would like to see how you respond to those who deny the holocaust.

I would like to see you turning a blind eye to Hitler’s crimes and moving forward without asking for justice or compensation.

Masters of terror and deceit

How do you want us to move on with out YOU acknowledging your crimes of theft, ethnic cleansing and genocide? Yet you demand that the whole world acknowledge the crimes of Hitler against you!

Masters of arrogance and conceit.

How could you deny our Catastrophe and your responsibility for it, yet insist and make sure that anyone who even doubts (let alone denies) the holocaust, or the number six millions ,has to pay severely by imprisonment and loss of livelihood and even life?

Masters of mischief and evil doing

God had sent you many warnings that you do not transgress or do mischief in the land, but your arrogance, self interest, greed and supremacy are blinding you from seeing the evil you are doing.

Instead of acknowledging your crimes and establishing justice, you are still in a state of total denial, carried away with more crimes, more lies, and suppression of truth.

Instead of repentance and accepting that you have wronged us, you try to silence our faint voices causing more deception, concealing the truth and sinking deeply in the abyss of immorality and wickedness.

Your Jewishness, your self interest, your love of material gains and you drunkenness with power is what you worship now, not the God of goodness, peace and justice.

My warning to you now is the same warning given to your ancestors by many prophets and prophetic voices:

You are descending deeper in the hole that you dug for yourselves by your evil deeds, your denial of truth, and by your inability to ask for forgiveness.

The crimes that you have committed against us are indeed painful and agonizing, but it’s only done against our physical bodies. Our souls are out of your reach and forever intact; It’s your own souls that you are disfiguring and destroying, if only you knew.

Unfortunate, pitiable and deceived souls

You have lost your humanity and killed your own souls, if only you could see.

Until and unless you acknowledge your crimes and correct the wrongs you have committed, there will be a dark, bleak and desolate future awaiting for you. This is not a threat; it is a warning.

Mischief makers

They cry peace, but what they mean is war; they scream freedom, but what they mean is enslavement; they shout democracy, but what they mean is democracy for their own kind.

The Quran describes such people whose words contradict their deeds:

“And when it is said unto them: Make not mischief in the earth, they say: We are peacemakers only. Are not they indeed the mischief-makers? But they perceive not. (2:11-12)”


“And We gave (Clear) Warning to the Children of Israel in the Scripture, that twice would they do mischief on the earth and will become tyrants and behave insolently with extreme arrogance.” (17:4)

“When the first of the warnings came to pass, We sent against you Our servants of mighty prowess: They entered the very inmost parts of your homes; and it was a warning (completely) fulfilled.”(17:5)

“Afterwards, we will give you a turn over them, and will grant you an increase of wealth and children; we will give you the upper hand.” (17:6)

“If you do good, it will be for your own benefit, but if you do evil, it will be against your souls. When the prophecy of your second transgression will come to pass, sadness will cover your faces. They (your enemies) will enter the mosque as they did the first time, they will wipe out all the gains you had accomplished.” (17:7)

“It may be that your Lord will have mercy on you, but if you revert to transgression, we will counter with retribution. We have designated hell as a final abode for those who conceal the truth.” (17:8)

The ONLY thing that could save you, arrogant zionists, from a bleak and painful future is to reverse your evil ways of oppression, arrogance and greed, and join the civilized world and behave like normal human beings with justice and compassion.

But mischief makers perceive not

To defeat the aggressors is not enough to make peace durable. The main thing is to discard the ideology that generates war. —Ludwig von Mises

Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says . . . I'll try again tomorrow. ~ Anne Henninghake

Nahida Izzat is a Jerusalem born - Palestinian refugee living in exile for 42 years. She was forced to leave her homeland, Palestine, at the age of seven during the six-day war. Nahida is mathematician by profession, a mother of 3 children by career, an artist by hobby, and a returned-refugee to a free Palestine by optimism, hopes and anticipation

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