Monday, April 5, 2010


by Nahida Izzat

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This open letter is an enumeration of guidelines toward a possible PEACE. It is a rejoinder to those who blather "peace" while living in a state of denial

Those who attempt to beautify the ugly fascist, racist face of Zionism, who attempt to revamp its gruesome features

Those who delude themselves that if they use their lovey-dovey words they could disguise the true vile nature, the wicked chauvinistic ideology and incessant crimes of the monster of Zion

Those who feel no shame in defending a disgraceful entity which happened to be established by terror and maintained by terror and continues to exist by terrorizing those under its control

Those who act as a pathetic frayed fig leaf trying to conceal the obscenity and hideous disgrace of their state which was audaciously built upon the destruction of another nation

Those who ludicrously still marvel at and admire the naked emperor’s clothes when everyone in the world could see his pitiful nudity

Those who utter their disingenuous wishes to coexist in peace while choosing to live in a state of denial with their heads in the sand by refusing to acknowledge or remedy their injustices and wrong-doings

Those who refuse to listen to the voice of reason and the call of justice, and muffle each and every whisper that asks for it

Those who silence any call for GENUINE and TOTAL reconciliation and block every REAL endeavor that gives an honest diagnosis and points to the genuine healing process which would lead to reconciliation

Those who attempt to deceive the world by accusing every defiant and decent individual who insists upon full restoration of rights, dignity and humanity of Palestinians, by accusing him/ her of extremism, fanaticism or supporter of terrorism

Those who endeavor to cover the rays of truth with a sieve of lies

Neither do I desire to waste my breath on, nor do I have the interest to talk to

They are worthy only of their karma

Collaborators of crime, who want to escape responsibility, keep the status quo, and dismiss the due rights of their prey under the disguise of nonsensical words like:

"New Israel wants peace"
“We must accept facts on the ground”
“We must not go back in time”
“We must look forward to the future”

What future, you hypocrites?

What good is a future built upon denied massacres and genocide?
What good is a future built upon incessant theft and lies?
What good is a future, in which the criminals would neither acknowledge their wrong doings nor have the desire to remedy the wounds of their injured victims

What is the meaning of words when actions counteract?
Have they never came across the saying “Actions speaks louder than words”?

Over the past sixty years you've had your say and you did what you chose to do,

And now,

Well, guess what?

It’s time for us to speak and for YOU to LISTEN to us and HEAR our say:

you are not welcome in our stolen land of Palestine with your existing mentality

Before we accept you and welcome you as guests and as our brothers and sisters in our land that you have stolen:



Wash the blood off your hands
And weep

Weep the souls of the little ones you’ve murdered

Weep the innocent villages you’ve destroyed

Weep the blessed olive trees you’ve uprooted

Weep the tears of little girls you’ve orphaned

Weep the mutilated bodies of small boys you’ve devastated

Weep the tens of thousands of youth you’ve disabled

Weep the tens of thousands of homes you demolished

Weep the millions of aching hearts of refugees you’ve created

Weep the soil of the Holy Land you’ve polluted

Weep the stream waters and ancient wells you’ve poisoned

Weep the hundreds of thousands of bodies you’ve tortured

Weep the hills and orchards you’ve disfigured

Weep the alleyways you’ve dissected

Weep the landscape you’ve cut to pieces

Weep the towns you’ve bombed to oblivion

Weep the dignified women you’ve dishonored

Weep the enduring elderly you’ve humiliated

Weep the infants you prevented from getting to hospitals

Weep the laughter and giggles of tiny ones you’ve muted

Weep the scents of herbs and blossoms you’ve suffocated

Weep the farms you’ve destroyed and confiscated

Weep the culture of embroidery, humus and falafel you’ve robbed and claimed

Weep the prophets’ messages you've abused and defiled

Weep the Divine Guidance you’ve corrupted

Weep the Ten Commandments you’ve violated

And when you weep long enough, hard enough and sincerely enough, you will discover that you don’t need to come to us begging us to talk to you or to forgive you, you won’t need to go around the web scattering, boasting and blathering about peace

Because if and when your repentance is genuine it will automatically show in your actions

You will know then what you have to do and how to do it, to be forgiven

And then and only then, you WILL find “peace” that you allegedly seek

Nahida Izzat is a Jerusalem born - Palestinian refugee living in exile for over 40 years. She was forced to leave her homeland, Palestine, at the age of seven during the six-day war. Nahida is mathematician by profession, a mother of 3 children by career, an artist by hobby, and a returned-refugee to a free Palestine by optimism, hopes and anticipation

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