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Open letter by Anis Hamadeh, April 10, 2010

Germany is a crucial country when it comes to the protection of and the engagement for the human rights. It is a country where the principle rights of human beings had been violated blatantly, from witch-burning to holocaust. It was no coincidence that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was formulated and published in 1948, shortly after cruel World War II which Germany had started. Unfortunately, we in Germany took up the habit of not consequentially persecuting human rights breeches of our own state and those of friendly states.

In compensation we tackle those countries which relate to our current understanding of who the enemy is (Islam/Socialism). This phenomenon is ubiquous in politics and it led to an alienation of the citizens. We also find this reason of state in the editorial offices of the media, e.g. when they disable any fundamental criticism with concepts like "anti-American" or "anti-Semitic" and thus affirm the violent status quo.

Non-governmental organizations and free media are needed in this discourse when the people in power abandon the idea of a consistent standard. The International Society for Human Rigths (ISHR) is such a non-governmental organization. While the motto of its annual congregation in March 2010 was: "Universality of the Human Rights - the Same Human Rights for All!", the actual focus was on Muslim and socialist countries. There was only one little figleaf speech on human rights violations "in us".

My letter to the ISHR (see below) remained unanswered, as if the question was insignificant. As if the ISHR floated above the clouds, with no need to respond to the public opinion, while defining the human rights discourse in its own way, pointing the finger on those countries and philosophies that seemingly are to be fought.

The work of the ISHR will only be credible when the organization adopts a consistent standard and when it introduces an accompanying self-criticism as a method. Therefore, the members and the public are called to question the work of the ISHR.

Attn.: International Society for Human Rigths (ISHR) Germany, (

Dear Herr Hafen, dear all,

today I received your newsletter which deals with human rights violations in Iran and in Egypt. I subsequently analyzed your website and noticed that your country reports, appeals, press releases, and publications almost entirely concern specific countries: Iran, Egypt, China, Russia, GUS states, Cuba, North Korea, Turkey, Vietnam, Venezuela, Pakistan, and a few others. Under "focus" ("Themen") you apparently single out human rights breaches in Muslim countries.

This conspicuous selection (Islam and Socialism plus marginal issues) indicates that - apart from the human rights - you pursue a political agenda, one that cannot be found in your self-description, however. One of the states that blatantly violate the human rights on a daily basis is Israel. But you do not report it. Even the terrible massacre in Gaza in Dec. 2008/ Jan. 2009 did not find your attention, at least there is nothing I can find on your extensive website.

The few reports on Iraq deal with the situation of persecuted Christians only. Missing are the human rights violations by the USA and its allies, known from TV and media. Neither do you say anything about Afghanistan and Pakistan that could embarrass the leaders of wars of aggression. It also seems as if there is nothing to say about German human rights violations (e.g. in Afghanistan). There is only the socialist former GDR that you highlight in your FAQ.Therefore I want to ask you to reconsider the formulation your political agenda so that the public and your members are not led astray. Otherwise it will be easy to conclude that you misuse the discussion of the human rights to fuel conflicts and to legitimize wars, even wars of aggression.

As you remember, the human rights were formulated for ALL humans and not for befriended ones. Anticipating your clarifying response I remainwith best regards,

Anis HamadehMainz, 17 March 2010

Anis Hamadeh - writer, musician, painter, journalist, editor of and, author of "Islam für Kids" (2007) and translator of "Nonkilling Global Political Science" (into German, 2009)

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